Big news, small news, and various other updates

» Apparently the weather is warming up and I’m so excited because I’ve been going a little stir crazy in the house. I just want to get outside and start walking again. My daily mile habit I made before winter really had a positive effect and I miss that.

» I’ve been attempting to pace myself when it comes to buying comics. It’s so easy to buy a whole bunch of books. I almost spent $50 no problem on 5 trade paperbacks… then I made myself pause, breathe, and step away from Amazon. It’s still hard though because I really want Vol 2 of Batgirl.

» Something I only posted on my personal facebook account, but um, I accepted a job offer. I’ll be starting in April, and thankfully my new office is “university casual” so I won’t need to go out and buy a new wardrobe.

» As a sort of congratulations to myself for getting a job, I bought 3-day tickets to C2E2. (Ok, I was really looking for any excuse to buy the tickets.) Granted, with said job, I’m going to miss pretty much all of Friday… but I’ll still have two full days of nerding out.

» Remember how one of my goals for this year was to be less intimidated by accessories? Well, I think I figured out one way to do so, and it’s sort of related to C2E2 and I’ll be elaborating on it further soon.

» Watching Austenland two nights in a row, while in bubble bathes, may not have been the best idea… but, apparently that’s the sort of mood I’m in. Also, now I sort of want to find my own Austenland adventure.

» Tuija has started sleeping near my face at night. It’s pretty adorable. Especially now that she’s stopped kicking my face. (Payback for when she was sleeping by my feet, I guess.)

» I accidentally threw away the kitty litter scooper. And now I get to spend money that could have gone towards comics (or tacos) on a new one. (Also, it’s sad because I liked my old one. It had a nice holder that kept the scooper part hidden away. … and yes, the whole thing is gone.)