Goals for April and Spring in general

» Track my income and expenses for the month and create a reasonable budget for the remainder of the summer. I just want to build some better habits as I work towards the future.

» Create a book budget. I need to just set a rule that I have $X to spend or X number of books I can buy — whichever I reach first — and once that’s met, I need to just wait. It’s just way to easy for me to buy another book just because I want something new to read. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I’ll buy two or three books without realizing just how much I spent. (Of course, until later when I see my account balance.)

» No juice after 10:30am. I sort of have a beverage problem. More in that I don’t drink enough water. Also, juices can be expensive. So I’m going to try to just save juice for breakfast/brunch — or a rare evening treat. However, this does not include pure lemon juice. I’ve found one way to get me to drink water a little more is put a few drops of lemon juice into my water.

Related, as someone who never really drank much water (a habit I got from my mom), I really miss milk. Sure I have almond milk, but it’s different to just drink it by itself. Cows’ milk, I could do that no problem, and I sort of miss having that with dinner. But I need to make sure I’m not replacing that with something sugary.

» Better meal planning. Living a lot closer to the grocery store has helped a lot in not just buying anything and everything. I’m trying to just get what I need, and know I can come back whenever I need to. I know I get moody with food, so I need some leeway for freedom, but planning things out will help get rid of some of the anxiety and maybe keep me from snacking too much.

» Get back into a good habit of walking. I miss going out for my daily mile. And while with the new job I might not be able to get out every day, I want to get out regularly. Not to mention I want to do the couch to 5k program so I can run some races this year rather than just walk them.

» Develop a better habit of calling or reaching out to more of my family. I keep in touch with my mom really well. We used to talk every day, but now it’s once or twice a week. With my dad and stepmom, it’s more like 2-3 times a month. I keep up with my brother’s girlfriend via facebook and instagram, but I don’t talk to my brother much — which means I hear from my niece even less. And I really need to build better and closer relations with my sisters. I’d like to start writing two of my grandmas (my mom’s mom and stepmom), and calling my other grandma (dad’s mom) more often. AND I promised my cousin Saramoira we’d be in touch more, so I need to keep up on that as well. I have a big family, and I need to make sure that this physical distance between us isn’t hurting our relationships.

I know there’s more I want to work on, but you know, these are very good starts for me. I just need to develop some good, foundational habits so I can keep working towards the larger goals.

What are you April/Spring goals?