Everyday Cosplay: getting ready for C2E2!

One of the many awesome and fun things at comic cons is seeing all the creative cosplay. I am genuinely intrigued by cosplay and completely respect those brave enough to go for it. However, I’m just not one of those people. I’m not secure enough with my geek status — and yes, I know that’s ridiculous, but it’s true.

I still want to have fun with my outfits at C2E2 this year, though. So, I decided I might just give this whole casual, everyday cosplay thing a go. Basically it’s street clothing inspired by characters. It’s something that some people will get that you’re sort of cosplaying, but not everyone will since it’s not blatantly a costume-y outfit. If you follow me on pinterest, you’ve probably seen me sporadically pinning a ton of stuff for this.

Pinterest: Con Outfit Ideas

With my new obsession with Batgirl, of course I’m going to attempt a Barbara Gordon outfit. I’m thinking maybe a basic black tshirt, black jeans, purple cardigan, yellow sneakers or flats, and a large bronze or gold bat necklace. Now, Babs has amazing red hair. It’s full, and long, and very much a rich red. If you remember, I have very short, very bleached hair. But the whole thing with this is the “every day” part. So blonde Babs it is.

That covers one day. I’ve contemplated a number of other characters… Princess Peach, Cheetara, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman, Hawkeye…  Or maybe instead of a character do a theme, like Doctor Who or Tolkien or something Nintendo-y… which would be less casual cosplay and more just everyday geek-wear, but that’s perfectly ok too.

One of the reasons why I’m really excited about this, beyond just some stealthy way to nerd out, is that it’s helping me with one of my goals: learn how to use accessories better. And with casual cosplay, that’s sort of what really makes the outfit. Getting the right colors sets the palette, but the accessories really bring the character to life.

I’ve been having so much fun with this, just in planning it… I’m really looking forward to incorporating this into and rethinking my current wardrobe.

Have you done causal, everyday cosplay before? What characters would you like to dress as (or have dressed as)?