falling into a very good place

Remember how I was worried about transitioning out of unemployment and back into a regular job? Well, after a week at a new job, I can safely say I had no real reasons to worry.

I’m really enjoying this new job. I won’t really speak much here as to what it is, other than to tell you it’s still in academic administration (though more in a supporting role than doing much administrating). But this is a pretty good fit for me. It’s a short term position, unfortunately. Which is mostly sad in that I really like this department and my coworkers. It is, however, the nature of our department though.

I feel super lucky that I fell into this position. I was basically applying to jobs in bulk. I needed a job so I went after practically any academic administrative office position I could find. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do this interview because the original position I interview for didn’t start until June. But after a phone interview and a couple emails, my supervisor offered me a different position that started sooner (and paid better) and hired me sight unseen. And her intuition on this was dead on — this is the right position for me.

It’s amazing how in one week, I can feel how my confidence has come back. And I really didn’t know that I had lost my confidence — but it’s that high you get from knowing you can do this, you can do it well, and you get knock things out. I feel on top of my game. And it’s great. I know there will be times when this job will test me, when it will be crazy stressful. But I feel like I can make it through whatever it will throw at me.

I don’t know what I’ll do when this job end. This particular position is not really a career path for me — at least, not exactly as it is. But at the moment, I’m not extremely worried because I’m really enjoying where I am now. And I know by the end of this job, I’m going to be in a great place for whatever comes next. I don’t know if this job will be a turning point in my career path, and I don’t want to put that pressure on it, but I do know that I am very thankful this is where I’m at.