One Week til C2E2!

It’s sort of hard to believe, yet really exciting that C2E2 is a week away! It really feels like I just bought (and then finally received) my 3-Day badge. Mostly, even as excited as I am, I don’t feel ready for it.

My original goal was to do some casual cosplay. And I was hoping to have some updates on that for you. But, between getting this new job and watching my budget ever so closely… I don’t really have what I want. Also, what I do have, well… isn’t quiet right either.

My Batgirl inspired necklace’s chain is too short. And the nice new black top I got for that outfit (and work too), is also too short despite being the right size. And while normally I’d let that just roll off me, it’s frustrating because I know exactly how tight my budget is. If my new black jeans don’t fit, I’ll probably cry.

But you know, you also make do and I will definitely be trying any little small fix. I’m not going to let some poor wardrobe missteps even attempt to ruin my C2E2 experience!

However, I’ll really only have Batgirl, though. Hawkeye is pretty much complete, minus the accessories… which pretty much make the entire outfit. Really, I just need/want a necklace with an arrow or two. Something long and dangly. Hopefully one of the local shops on my way home from work will have them, but even then it’s got to be under $10.

If I can’t causal cosplay for C2E2, then oh well. I’ve got some other great nerdy outfits I can wear too. And really, I’m building some great foundations for doing causal cosplay in my daily life. Which I cannot wait to incorporate into my work wardrobe.

Anyway, next week — assuming work doesn’t consume my life — I’ll post which guests and panels I’m considering. And afterward, if I can really get my outfits together, I’ll post those. I’m going to be hanging out with my professional photographer friend again, so I’ll see if he can get some good shots for me.