Planning out C2E2: How to do a con while broke

So, C2E2 is right around the corner — Friday! — and I’m slowly, finally, getting ready for it.

Last year, I didn’t really have a game plan for it. I knew I’d be meeting my friend and we’d be walking around a lot. And it was a lot of fun! I think my only real goal was to meet Felicia Day. Which happened and was awesome — and I got an awkward photo to commemorate it.

This year, since I’m attempting to save money — or rather, not spend money I don’t have — I need to plan out my days a little more so I’m not spending all of my time on the expo hall floor, tempted by all the amazing nerdy things for sale. (Seriously, I should have worked on some sort of side hustle last month so I could have some spending money.*)

So, here’s my pseudo-plan/things I’m interested in for this year’s C2E2:

I’m working, so I won’t be able to make anything until the evening. But, depending on whether I can trek all the way down there in time do to anything…
» Mark Waid, Comics Retailer vs. Mark Waid, Digital Publisher (5:15-6:15) – It’s unlikely I’ll make this one, but it’s an interesting topic!
» How to Be a Nerd for a Living: Careers Within Nerd Culture for Everyone (5:30-6:30) – Seeing as I’ll be job searching again in September, any extra ideas are very much welcomed.
» Game of Thrones (6-7) – I haven’t kept up with the show, but I’ve read all the books thus far. Also, I’ve never been to a celebrity panel before.
» The Thrilling Adventure Hour Improv Experience (7:15-8:15) – Just a chance for a good show.
» Comedy Mutant’s Brian Posehn and Kyle Kinane (8:30-10) – Again, entertainment.

» Whose Doctor Is it Anyway? (11:45-12:45) – A discussion on an amazing show!
» Self-Publishing for Comic Creators (12:15-1:15) – This one is sponsored by a particular software/brand/publishing tool… Which means it’ll be slanted. And filled with beginner questions (yes, I kind of am snob with some of these, but I’ve heard these questions for years now at every single panel like this).
» DC Comics – Batman (2:45-3:45) – I mean, Batman.
» Glass Ceilings, Missing Stairs & Gatekeepers: Geeks Still Deal with Sexism (2:45-3:45) – An important topic which sadly has to keep coming up.
» Aw Yeah, Dark Horse! (3-4) – I really like what the Aw Yeah guys have done thus far, so I’m curious to see what they’re thinking next. And hearing others pitch their ideas too.
» The Moving Target: What Publishers Want and How to Give it to Them (3-4) – Again, while these titles intrigue me, I sort of know how to do this. It’s more of getting me to dedicate more of myself to doing the work.
» Fierce Females of Comics (4:14-5:15) – Again, interesting topic.
» Game of Thrones Fan Forum (5:15-6:15) – Hosted by Hodor! Hodor hodor hodor.
» Dark Horse Builds Characters (5:30-6:30) – This could be great if it goes beyond basics you learn in writing programs.
» The Hobbit: There and Back Again – Spoilers and Speculation! (6:45-7:45) – Though, no, I haven’t seen the second movie yet… I’ve read the books. Just sad none of the cast will be there.
» C2E2 Crown Championship of Cosplay (7:30-9:30) – This should be absolutely amazing and will also be livestreamed.
» “Of Dice and Men” – A Play by Cameron McNary (8-9:30) – Entertainment!

» The Art of Worldbuilding: A Discussion with Charlaine Harris and Jacqueline Carey, Moderated by Chloe Neill (10:45-11:45) – more writing program course…
» Kids Comics Heroes: Raising a Reader (11-12) – Love this topic. Kids lit in any form is something I wish I had stronger skills.
» The Thrilling Adventure Hour (11-12) – Really looking forward to this one because Peter Sagal and Rider Strong.
» Building Fantastical Worlds and Dystopias (12:15-1:15) – writing courses!
» Warehouse 13 (1:15-2:15) – Fun show with a celebrity panel! Pete, Artie, and Claudia will be there.
» Charlaine Harris Spotlight (1:30-2:30) – Eh, I’ve stopped reading her books a while ago… but it’s always interesting to hear other authors talk.
» Diverse Means for Diverse Worlds Moderated by (2:45-3:45) – The Racebending aspect of this intrigues me.
» Creating Great Characters: From Your Brain to the Page! (3:45-4:45) – Again, more writing stuff.
» It’s More than Drawing: Exploring Other Careers in the Comics Industry (4-5) – This one might also bring a lot of interesting people… but any job ideas I can gleam…

People I’m looking forward to seeing
» Gail Simone – Should be obvious. BATGIRL. Getting my trades signed.
» Peter Sagal – I love this Wait, Wait host. Given that I accidentally stalked him through the Art Institute a couple years ago, I’d like a chance to meet him and be less creepy.
» Rider Strong – OMG teenage me is flipping out.
» Kyle Higgins (and Jen) – I met Kyle at a friend‘s wedding, he also happens to be writing Nightwing.

And while I want to search around for Shawnimal’s Chicago Dumpling figure… and find as many amazing Batgirl prints and figures… and get more vinyl figures…. I’m going to have to be really careful when it comes to exploring the hall. My birthday’s in less than 2 months, so I can at least pick up business cards and shop later. But BOY will not shopping this year be super hard and kind of gives me the sads.

*Anyone want to buy a short story? A fun doodle? Yourself as a Nintendo Princess? Or maybe some awesome swag from my newly opened shop?