a little bit of side hustle

So as I very briefly mentioned in yesterday’s post… and a couple times on Twitter… and once on Instagram… I’ve opened a shop!


Yep! Adorkable gear for the slightly nerdy crowd. And it’s not just Adorkable Me branded stuff, though that’s there too. It’s basically a way for me to get a few designs out and hopefully earn some cash to put towards things like comics and kitty treats — so I don’t have to dip into other parts of my budget, like groceries. (And, of course, there’s the “Rini needs a bike” fund too.)

crazy_cat_lady_kaija_mugs strong_female_character_racerback_tank_top adorkableme_mug_mugs

I’ve got cat related things. A small line of Strong Female Character things. And yeah, a couple AdorkableMe things. And I’m working on more designs in my free time. Like a Crazy Cat Lady mug without my own cats on it. I’ll probably also bust out the watercolor paints and do some more flower series to put on things. Like maybe a nice spring-y scarf.

Anyway. Check it out. Share it. Help me be less broke.