Savvy Spork: White Bean & Kale


One of the main challenges of returning back to work has been thinking out lunches that will 1) be tasty, 2) be simple to transport and heat up, and 3) be cheap. For the first week, I pretty much had a basic sandwich and baby carrots every day. Blergh central.

In going through Pinterest, I saw a recipe for white bean & kale soup — something I’ve had before, but has never wowed me. But this one was thick and well photographed. However, soups are not really easy to transport. I’ve got cheap tupperware. But rice and quinoa bowls are super easy. And they fill you up more.

Also, this makes a lot. I’ve got 3 massive bowls from this. (Granted, I made a lot of rice.) Which makes it cost effective.

white bean and kale recipe

 White Bean & Kale

» 2 cans of white beans, liquid drained
» 1 cup or so of chopped kale (more if you’re really into that stuff)
» ½–1 tsp of chicken bouillon (you can omit)
» ¼ onion, diced
» Olive oil
» garlic or garlic powder (if using cloves, mash/mince)
» lemon juice
» salt & pepper, maybe a little cayenne

1. Dice the onion and saute in a little bit of olive oil. If you’re using garlic cloves, add once the onions start to become translucent.
2. Add the chopped kale, seasoning with garlic powder if you didn’t use cloves. Also, I prefer to add the salt now to season the kale instead of letting the beans soak up too much of it.
3. Once the kale starts to wilt a little, turn down the heat and then stir in the beans, a little bit of lemon juice, and chicken bouillon. Seasoning as needed.
4. Serve over rice or quinoa or pasta, or however else you’d like it.

I made 3 cups of white rice, and like I said, this made 3 massive servings. I don’t overly like the taste of kale — I don’t mind it in things, but don’t want it to overpower the meal — so I seasoned it well with salt and garlic. If you wanted to add some cheese, feta would go nicely with this, or even your basic grated parmesan.