Self-publishing my stories

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to do something with the various short stories I’d been working on over the years. I mean, ideally, you put them into a collection and sell that as one nice piece. Even though, yes, I realize short story collections really only sell to other writers or for some sort of assigned text for a class…

But you know, I’ve been sitting on these stories — and since I’m not likely to begin the fun submission/waiting game that is literary journals… I figured, why not make them available and self-publish them as PDFs. So that’s what I’m doing.

The reason why I’m doing it now is just honestly because I could use some extra cash. My hours are slightly less than I thought they were when I took this job, and well, still catching up after 3 months of not receiving unemployment benefits. (I mean, I can survive — but I’d like to feel a little more stable/not feel guilty if I get Dunkin with my officemate.)

So, I’m offering up 3 of my short stories. And I will be completely honest with you, when I say short story I mean short story. Two are 1 page in length, the other is 4 pages. Most of my work tends to be on the shorter side.

You can pay whatever you want, and you’ll get all three stories (though you can choose to only download whatever ones you want).

Chaperon – Originally inspired by Perrault’s Red Riding Hood, this one is more slightly on the thriller side. It’s also the piece that is the basis and inspiration for the monthly comic series I’m scripting.

Salt Flats – I’ll admit this one is one I have some attachment to, something you’re not supposed to do as a writer. It’s slightly more experimental, but mainly it’s a captured moment.

Teams – This one started as an exercise in dialogue. So that’s what you’re mostly going to get in it. A conversation between two friends.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the pieces, but again, no obligation to provide feedback. Love it, hate it, whatever — I just sincerely thank you so, so very much for supporting me and my work. It means the world to me. Thank you.