Goals & Progress: April/May check-in

At the end of March, I set forth some goals for April-slash-the beginning of Spring. While I haven’t really, formally, set monthly goals much in the past — I do tend to create short term goals or smaller steps so I can focus on one thing or task rather than be overwhelmed by some big-picture thing.

Anyway, I set some goals, and it’s time to check-in on how I’ve done thus far.

» Create a budget/Track my expenses. Totally succeeded. I created a Google spreadsheet and have been tracking everything. I’ve got things sort of planned out through July. Expected incomes and expenses, as well as my actual. They’re side-by-side so I can see how I’m doing versus how I thought I should be doing. And while normally I hate tracking every single expense, this has been really good at just a reminder for how much I still need throughout the month to fulfill my other financial requirements (bills).

» Create a book budget. Nope. Well, I have the $2.99 for my monthly Ms. Marvel subscription, but no dedicated funds just for books. But I think I found a solution for this… deets later.

» No juice after 10:30am. Well now that I’m working, it’s not really much of an issue. But it’s sort of turned out that if I don’t have juice in the morning, I’ll have half to two-thirds glass of juice in the evening. But regardless, I am drinking more water than I use to.

» Better meal planning. Eh. Not so much. I mean, it’s not a pass but it’s not a fail. Work just eats up a lot of my time, that I don’t necessarily want to cook when I get home. So if I do cook a lot, it’s on the weekend. The bigger thing is planning out my lunches.

» Better walking habit. Not really. I walk more for work, but I’m not going out for a dedicated 1-mile or 5K walk like I was in November. (Granted, I walked a ton at C2E2.)

» Call my family more! Sort of? I called my grandma more. I’m not calling every week, but I’m calling more than a couple times a year. Also, my youngest sister found my blog (hi Lyd) and started emailing me. Need her to keep up with that. And schedule a skype date with my niece.

So, in continuation of those goals I met… Time for new goals for May and the remainder of Spring…

» Up my water intake at work from just under 2 bottles to 3 bottles. 1 before lunch, 1 at lunch, 1 before I go home. Should be easy. I think my special little bottle is just 16-oz, so all-in-all it’s still not much.

» Seriously. Walk more. Either do a 5K walk on the weekend, or once a week if the weather is nice walk about 4-5 train stops south before taking the train home (3 more stops). Or, you know, if it’s nice, visit the LP Zoo and walk for a good couple of hours while staring at animals.

» Finish Two Towers. I don’t know why it’s taking forever to finish this book. But I need to finish this book this month.

» Re-bleach the roots. They’re getting really bad…

» One meal where the focus isn’t meat or carbs. Seriously, I need more green veggies and need to really figure out a good, go-to recipe for this.

My goals feel really simple for this month, but I know work is going to start getting really crazy this month — especially going into next month. So I feel like these are pretty obtainable goals.

What about you? What are you hoping to accomplish this month? How did you do on your goals last month?