Finally processing C2E2

So now that it’s been just over a week since C2E2, I figure I should probably share a little bit about my experience. I got home, and thought that I just needed to process it. But really, there wasn’t much for me to process. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great weekend of nerdy fun… But that was about it. (And sorry this is long, but I hope to make up for it with pictures…)

I was only able to go for Saturday and Sunday. And I spent most of Saturday wandering around by myself. I saw CB for maybe an hour before he had to get to his photo shoots. We talked art and caught up a little bit, he took candids of a few cosplayers… And it was nice. Just short.

I made a few rounds through the expo hall. Wound my way around artist alley. Mostly just strolling through and soaking it in. I knew Rider Strong was going to be there, and had hoped to get an autograph — but didn’t want to wait in line. So I settled for just creeping in the crowd and “sneaking” some shots.

C2E2 2014 Rider Strong

Speaking of autographs, I did get a couple. I went through artist alley, and actually had to go through again because I missed his booth… But I wanted to say hi to Jen and Kyle. (As in Kyle Higgins, writer for DC among other things.) Jen used to live in Chicago and we share some mutual friends. I had issue 19 of Nightwing, so I had Kyle sign it for me.

The main autographs I was hoping to get were from Gail Simone — the absolutely amazing writer who’s work in Birds of Prey not only started my interest in Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), but got me to really consider (and like) superhero comics. She’s an absolutely amazing writer, and I highly suggest getting all of her books. I only had volumes 1 & 2 of Batgirl, but picked up volume 3 (for half off!) at one of the vendors. She gladly signed all three for me and was really kind as I stammered together some form of verbal appreciation of her work.

One of the things I was worried about this year was just blowing my budget buying every nerdy thing I could get my hands on. I was incredibly picky about things. I knew I wanted vinyl, but there wasn’t anything that just screamed “RINI TAKE ME HOME!” for the most part. Instead, I bought some art. Now, I also don’t have much space at home to display much more art… but if I can support some of the amazing talent who took the time to come out (or create books I love), then I will.

I found an incredible watercolor print of Batman. I wish I remembered the name of the artist. I should have taken his card. (Actually, I might have.) If anyone recognizes this work, PLEASE let me know the artist’s name! I would love to get more prints of his. Anyway. It was the amazing red that just drips through…. It’s a great and vibrant piece.

Batman watercolor print

And then, I had to also get a sad Batman print. It was $5 and well, apparently I am a terrible person because I love sad Batman. (I almost got a print that had sad Batman with the caption of “my parents are dead.”As I said, terrible.) Again, I should have remembered to put his card with the print.

Sad Batman

And then I finally got a few pieces from an artist I’d been eyeing for a while. Jenny Parks is awesome. I’ve loved her Doctor Mew series, but then she started doing Catvengers and other superheroes. Batcat and Bane Cat are my absolute favorites. And then I got Hawkeye and Thor Kitty because I love the Hawkeye books and Thor’s one of my favorites in the movies. I really wish I would have grabbed Captain AmeriCat and Iron Cat. Next time. (Or really, birthday.)

Batcat, Bane Cat, Catvengers

I topped off Saturday by attending some panels. By that time, 6 hours of walking the floor, I was ready to sit and change into my flip flops. I had dressed in my casual Batgirl outfit, and no one noticed. I got a couple compliments on the necklace, but well, casual cosplay is just way too subtle in a place like a comic convention. (Though one dude on the bus asked if I made my hoodie, and I got to beam and brag a little.)

I waited an hour to get into the Game of Thrones fan panel. I could have gone into the panel before it, but frankly, I attended it last year and was not impressed — and one of the speakers just irritates me. I’d rather risk it and sit in line in the hall. But I was second in line and easily got in. It was just supposed to me Kristian Nairn (HODOR!), but Aflie Allen (Theon) missed the first day, so he joined. And not to be left out, Natalia Tena (Osha) joined in too. It was pretty great.


Kristian is huge. He just towers above everyone. All of them were great, and the panel was a lot of fun. Lots of giggles and laughter. And you know, despite not being caught up on the show, it was perfectly ok — mainly because I’ve read the books. I will be happy to finally get to see last season and catch up on the current one. Eventually.




I ended the day in the Hobbit panel. Which was just a lot of fandom nerdery. And it really got to me that I hadn’t seen the second movie, so I bought the SD version on iTunes while sitting in the panel. (Actually, I really ended the night on the bus ride home — where an attractive Captain America sat next to me. Call me.)

Not that I meant for this to go linearly, but let’s just continue on to Sunday. Thanks to Facebook, I was able to make plans with my friend Tabitha who I haven’t seen since my WiiU party over a year ago. We met up and immediately hit the panels. Namely, the Thrilling Adventure Hour panel. I knew Rider Strong would be there (no, I’m not stalking him), and Peter Sagal was supposed to be there. But apparently the Wait Wait host skipped out on C2E2 entirely. But to my surprise, there was an amazing cast in attendance.

C2E2 Thrilling Adventure Hour panel

Beyond Rider Strong, there was also Kevin Murphey (MST3K), Janet Varney (The Legend of Korra), Molly Quinn (Castle), Tim Omundson (Psych/Supernatural), and Richard Speight Jr (Supernatural).

Richard Speight Jr

Rider Strong and Kevin Murphy

Molly Quinn and Tim Omundson

It was by far the best panel. (Don’t get me wrong, the GoT was fun too.) But these guys and gals are absolutely hilarious. And the fan questions really just topped it. I’m really sad I missed their Saturday night show at DePaul. (But it was an extra cost, and that wasn’t happening.)

Afterward, we hit the floor and Tabitha went shopping. I was almost talked into getting a pretty sweet mint green and pink and lilac wig, but it was out of the budget. However, the two Game of Throne mini figure blind box figures weren’t. I’d eyed these for a while. But wasn’t sure the risk was worth it. I mean, that’s part of why I love blind box figures. But when I looked at the odds and all, there were only maybe 2 I didn’t really want to get… so I gambled and bought two boxes.

Funko Game of Thrones blind box

And… the risk sort of paid off…

Funko Game of Thrones minifigures Joffrey and Arya

My face matched Joffrey’s as I opened his up first. I did not want Joffrey. And I quickly worried, did I just waste money? What if both boxes are Joffrey? Is my luck that bad? But alas! No! I got the main one I wanted, and had been willing to buy specifically on eBay — Arya. As you can see, she’s not too happy about being paired up with Joffrey.

All-in-all, I feel ok about my only two vinyl purchases. And about all of my purchases. I had wanted to get some awesome Batgirl stuff… but really couldn’t find any. I mean, I found one, but the artist was too busy chatting with someone else that I just walked away from the booth. But other than that, there really wasn’t much.

The last panel I went to really wasn’t what I was hoping it would be. Other career options than artists. But really, other than the retail side, nothing else but creative and “just keep working” was covered. I wanted to hear about editors, publishers, marketing, R&D… anything. But nope. I did at least introduce myself to a local comic book store owner, and hopefully some cool things will come from that… but yeah. Sort of a soft ending to a good weekend.

I missed the big cosplay contest — but apparently there was much room for all the fans to attend. I missed meeting up with the IGGPPC group. I didn’t take any pictures of cosplayers. (Something I hope I get over and actually do next year.) Next year I’d like to maybe go with a small group. Maybe even do cosplay for the first time. Maybe. We’ll see. But I look forward to getting more involved in this sort of community. And buying more artwork.