Casual Cosplay: Link from Legend of Zelda

Link is an extremely classic character. And frankly, a super easy cosplay and casual cosplay to put together. In fact, long before I decided to get into this every day cosplay, I already had practically everything I needed for this outfit.

Link Causal Cosplay

Top: Green cotton dress.
Bottoms: white or light grey tights would work, though not shown here. (oops)
Shoes: brown boots
Accessories: brown leather belt, and as much as the matchy-matchy leather can be ehh, I like the backpack. Also: Triforce necklace. Another good option would be this Hylian Shield necklace that I think is amazing. And you can go for a green knit beanie if you want to…

And as I mentioned, since I pretty much had most of this outfit, I decided to go for it. It’s amazingly comfortable.

Link Casual Cosplay in real life

Dress: Target? (I’ve had this for years) | Leggings: Target? | Cardigan: no clue. | Belt: again, no idea. | Boots: Target, definitely. | Purse: Macy’s.

So yeah, most of these items I’ve had for so long I’ve completely forgotten where I’ve bought them. What’s really missing is the key accessory. A Triforce necklace or that awesome Hylian shield one. And as you’ve noticed, I added the cardigan. It adds to the comfiness factor.

Anyway, tons of fun, and I’ll definitely be wearing this one more.