Wait, wasn’t it just April?!

Holy crap it’s June.

Time has been flying by so quickly. Partially due to my job. Things have been going so well, but they have also kept me very busy. (With some cool stuff I’ll talk about on Tuesday.) But really, it does seem like just a couple weeks ago I was starting this job and it was only the beginning of April.

Anyway. Since it’s Sunday, let’s just start out with basic updates and then get to goals:

» Mario Kart 8 just came out. No. I do not own it yet. Yet. It’s on my list to pick up in 2 weeks. The waiting is sort of torture and I know my first race against my friends who’ve had the game since launch (or a couple before launch) that I’m going to be at a slight disadvantage… but I’m up to the challenge. The game looks beautiful and I just cannot wait to get my hands on it.

» Brunch plans are coming together for my birthday. I thought I had purchased a great dress for it… and it was just slightly out of my budget, but it looked great. But then it got here and I could deal with some of the unfinished feeling of it (it wasn’t lined), but I just absolutely could not get it to zip up. I’d have to break ribs to do so. Fit perfectly elsewhere, but it was like they put a medium top on a large dress. And I mean, I’m not even like crazy busty or anything. So it’s getting returned, and in like 2-3 weeks I’ll finally get that refund. (I’d do store credit, but, eh, I’m just not in a rush to deal with this hassle again.)

But yeah, now I don’t have anything new/special to wear. Which in the grand scheme isn’t a big deal… but it’s my 30th birthday and dagnabit I want to look like I feel: fabulous. I’ll figure something out. It just stinks that the refund is going to take a while.

» I am doing a lot better with those goals I set. Budgeting is doing well. I’m drinking a lot more water daily. I’m walking a little bit more, but not as much as I’d like. And I re-bleached my roots, though, well, yeah that was an adventure.

I didn’t finish Two Towers. Didn’t even pick it up. And I didn’t really do a non-carb meal other than starting to eat more salads again. Just basic heart of romaine stuff. But still good.

New Goals for June

» Keep up with eating more greens! Also, continue with packing good lunches. I don’t mind getting lunch or buying a hot chocolate with a coworker every so often, but yeah, I’d rather brown bag some tasty and cost-effective meals. Things that fill me up so I won’t even consider snacking all day.

» Walk home at least once a week. It’s just 4 miles. I did it once, but in combat boots. Not a smart idea. So now I just want to pack my good walking shoes, and maybe a change of clothes, and hoof it home!

» Spend less time at home on my days off. I’m not that much further from the beach, and I should really make use of it. I just need to be less of a hermit.

» Enjoy the beginning of this new decade.

What are your goals for June? How was your May?