Casual Cosplay: Options for Khaleesi

I really wish I had this outfit. In fact, I think a lot of GoT fans wish they had this outfit. Daenerys’ Qarth outfit. Yeah. That one.

I think this is going to be on my watch list as I go cloth shopping this summer. Especially since I’m doing the blonde thing now, I really want to do some casual khaleesi.

Casual Cosplay Khaleesi Options

Dress: a light, flowy light blue aqua dress. I like the longer one because it has an amazing pattern that hints at her original dress. With a wide, preferably woven gold belt.
Shoes: Strapy sandals, of course.
Accessories: Dragon necklace — and yes, the Targaryen sigil would be a perfect one. Dragon bracelet if you want (but this outfit is sort of simple, so I wouldn’t go overboard)… And for the purse… It has to be a leather or texture that looks like alligator, preferably in black, green or cream to represent her dragons.

I think it’d be pretty easy to feel like a Khaleesi in this.