1 year ago today, I had my first laparoscopic surgery. It marked the official diagnosis of endometriosis, and the first major step towards recovery and finally feeling healthy.

I say “first” lap, but so far it’s been the only surgery for my endo thus far. I lost my job not long after my surgery, and with it my insurance. So we haven’t had the chance to take a look and see how I’m healing and if anything has grown back. I may not need another surgery, or I may need one annually… I just don’t know yet.

But what I do know… I do know that where I was 1 year ago, and where I am now, pain-wise… I am doing so much better now. My bloating has gone down. I’m more active than I was before. And bad days? Bad days are becoming somewhat of a rarity.

I wouldn’t say that I’m healed. I unfortunately do know what happens when I go off my medication… But, I am, without a doubt, doing so much better than I have been in the last probably 4 years. And it’s been wonderful.