Full speed.

For all this wanting and excitement of turning 30, it’s hard to believe it was only 1 week ago.

Little of this has to do with me actually turning 30. It was a great birthday — relaxing, filled with love, and spend with a few people dear to me. But since that moment, that whole zero-to-sixty thing happened, and my life has sort of been going full speed.

There is so much happening at my job right now. I would say it’s overwhelming, but it’s manageable. There’s just so. much. to do. I have a feeling this upcoming week is when my fear of things falling through the cracks is going to kick in. I’m also preparing myself for another week of long hours. This past week I didn’t work any less than 10 hours each day — a lot of that was not spend at my desk. And though this is my last full weekend until August (because starting next weekend I have to work Sundays), I’m still going to be putting in some time to get some supply orders in.

I haven’t gone grocery shopping, outside of getting some snack foods because I’m barely eating dinners. (Ok, so I ate leftover cajun food from my birthday weekend for a few days, but after that it was chips.) I’ve barely played Mario Kart 8. I haven’t done laundry. And if it wasn’t for my family’s visit last weekend, I wouldn’t have cleaned the apartment at all. I’ve been nodding off around 7:30pm — forcing myself to stay awake until at least 9pm — and waking up around 5am (and then checking work emails and such before going to the office). I haven’t even started working on my resume, because this wonderful job sadly ends in late August and I will desperately need employment come September.

But throughout all of this, the chaos and busyness, I feel amazing. I simply don’t have the time to let small things bother or worry or consume me. And through all this chaos, somehow those small wonderful things have a chance to shine brighter, because in those moments we pause to take a break, we slow down, it is a spectacular opportunity to remember just how amazing and beautiful and sometimes weird life is.


Visiting scenic “St. Boldt’s beach” after my birthday brunch with Sam, Ela, and Sharon.

*** Also: YAY! This is my 800th post! What a crazy journey it has been. ***