Casual Cosplay: Thorin Oakenshield in the Summer

It’s finally summer! Which, well, given my work schedule only means that I will be even busier. So, not much time for scouting out new casual cosplay outfits.

Which is a shame. Because Thorin in the Summer. Kind of amazing.

Casual Cosplay: Thorin in the Summertime (

Dress: A beautiful dark blue with white/silver embroidered accents (this one is sold out, guys. major bummer.)
Shoes: Ok. So furry boots in the summer are a no-go. So to emulate the wrappiness of them, gladiator sandals are a great hot-weather alternative.
Accessories: A simple leather satchel, Thorin’s amazing belt, ring, and his key.

It’s too bad about that dress being sold out. It was affordable too (only $35 from Delias). But, as I’ve mentioned before… I use these boards for concepts, not an actual shopping list of items to get. I’m sure I can find another nordic inspired dress that’ll work for Thorin.