Project Leave Chicago: a tiny little dream home in the mountains…

So, work has picked up like crazy. And I thought being so busy would distract me from wanting to leave this place. It hasn’t. I still think about it. A lot.

I mean, yes, I do love this place and being busy makes it easier to continue being here. But…  as I’ve mentioned before. I just need something more.

I fell asleep recently watching a documentary on Tiny Houses on Netflix. I mean, it’d be a huge adjustment… But… There’s something sort of beautiful about this way of living.

tiny house in the woodvia

But after living in a couple studios, I think I could handle small spaces. (Though yes, some of these are smaller than my current studio.) I even think the cats would be ok — for the most part. Yes, there would be times when they’d drive me crazy with all the running around in a tight space. But, well, we’re dealing with that now.

I just love picturing this large area of land, meadows and mountains… some woods… and a small home. Maybe there’s a barn or something. A yurt for guests or vintage trailer for guests. A little doggy friend for the cats and I. A nice outdoor living room space… Maybe some chickens…

I don’t know. With all the stress and complications you deal with every day… I guess it’s not really that far-fetched that I would dream of a simpler life. Maybe it’s running away from it all. But at this point I don’t care any more. I just want to feel free.

I have no concrete plans for this. I sometimes go on PadMapper and look at apartments in various cities. Trying to plan out my new life in a new home. Figuring out how far I am from mountains or rivers or lakes. Even just seeing if the rent is even feasible there. But honestly, I’m still at square one… or really square zero (just day dreaming). I have no idea how to get there.