Progress and Goals: looking back at June, and ahead to the rest of July

And it’s July! The only reason this actually feels real is just because I paid rent two days ago. (So thankful that I have an alarm on my phone for this…)

In looking back at June… it was a whirlwind for sure.

We moved offices at work. Not really something special, it happens every year… but there’s a lot that goes on in the move. I’m sort of surprised my pedometer only read just shy of 13,000 steps. I was moving around a lot. I don’t know if I sat down at all that day, other than to each a sandwich for lunch. And now our summer program has started, the kids are here and classes are in full swing. And I haven’t had a lunch break in 3 days — though yesterday I actually got to eat half a burrito.*

But also in June… I turned 30! I had a nice little brunch with a couple friends, and you know, just felt a lot of love. Some of my family even came up to visit. The first time I’d really seen them since my grandpa’s funeral in January.

In terms of the goals I set for this month…

» Keep up with eating more greens! Ehh.. ughh… Sort of. But not really. I did better before we moved to the new office. I have 2 untouched salads in my fridge at work. So I’m trying, but not really succeeding.

» Walk home at least once a week. Well, I did better when I was basically out of money and couldn’t afford to take the train home. But with my knee messed up for the past week or so, yeah.. walking home won’t be happening for a while.

» Spend less time at home on my days off. Complete fail. On my days off I take naps. Lots of naps. Or still working on things for work. I only have Wednesdays and Saturdays off until August, and with it just one day at a time.. motivating myself to even get dressed is hard.

New goals for July…

» Clean the kitchen. Even though I haven’t really wanted to cook when I come home at night… My kitchen is a mess.

» Take lunch breaks. For reals, this and drink more water — because in our new building the water cooler is on another floor and I don’t really want to use the drinking fountains, I’ve just stopped drinking water. Already feeling the effects: massive charlie horse in my calf from dehydration and poor eating.

» Stop doing work on my days off. This is a struggle for me. I just want to keep working and keep getting things done. It’s hard to stop and let things go. But I need to focus on me and take a real break.

» Fix up my resume and apply for new jobs. You’re saying, wait I thought you loved your job. I do. I absolutely do. But it’s temporary and ends in mid-August. I know July is just going to fly by. I need to start applying so I don’t become destitute in September.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what I read in June… It’s just 1 book: Ms. Marvel #5. And yes, I loved it. But whewboy was I hoping to read more!

What were highlights of June for you? What are you excited for in July?

*This is mostly because I have a hard time stopping, and a harder time not helping people when they come in to the office.