that time I had to be on crutches

Two weeks ago, I started noticing some pain in my right knee. I didn’t think too much about it… My new job has me on my feet a lot — running around everywhere and bending and lifting a lot. I just figured it was sore from all of that.

I wrapped it in an ace bandage, tried to rest it as much as my job would let me, iced it while at home… and the pain didn’t get better. In fact, it gradually got worse. By last Friday, after a day of a heavy-weight supply run and then moving a lot of broken electronics… I was in a lot of pain. So much that I had to pull a favor from a coworker and get a ride home because I wasn’t going to make it to the train station. At least, not without a lot of pain and crying.

See. The thing is, in living with endometriosis, I’ve developed a stupid level of pain tolerance. Stupid mainly in the fact that I tend to push through things rather than resting until I’ve hit a really high level of pain. (When resting early on could have prevented the worse pain.)

So all this pushing through the pain, definitely didn’t help my situation.

And now I’m on crutches for a week or so.

The urgent care doctor says it’s probably a sprain, but I need to stay off my leg. And I need to see an orthopedic specialist.

There’s fluid under my kneecap, but the joints don’t look too bad. However, I need to be careful because over compensating for my knee is starting to effect my hip.


Some things you should know about crutches:

1) They are so not easy to use. It took a little bit to figure out how to adjust them properly (thank you, YouTube), but even once they were the right height I still had a hard time getting a rhythm down to just walk down the street.

2) Holy crap stairs are stupid. Going to have to plan out everything just to avoid any unnecessary stairs. Sadly, I have to deal with them in my apartment since I live on the first floor — which in Chicago means one flight up.

3) A lot of things are sort of impossible now. Grocery shopping. Taking out the trash. Anything really that involves carrying things in your hands, which are now occupied with the crutches.

4) EVERYONE will give you looks and stares. And random people will approach you and ask you questions. And yes, pity looks galore.


They’re like this big looming thing that says, “you know that fun thing you want to do… haha… NO.”

So my plans for next weekend? Already cancelled. Which sucks, because it’s one of my favorite thing about the summer: Tour de Fat.

I’ve got a huge, not-cheap knee brace — to replace the other more athletic, and still not-cheap (but cheaper than the other) knee brace. Both of which are made of neoprene… which gives me heat rashes. So not only is my knee in pain, but it’s got hives.

I still have to figure out what’s going on with work — because, yeah, no more lifting, running, pushing carts… pretty much a good part of my daily duties.*

While all this is frustrating, I’m glad I finally got it looked at. With this pain getting worse and worse, the last thing I wanted it to let it go and end up doing some permanent damage to my leg. I just don’t like this feeling of being trapped.

Anyone have tips for these things? Or getting household chores done while injured?

*Wrote this on Saturday evening, so by the time this publishes, hopefully I’ll know more about my work situation…