No Spend Week: because sometimes being an adult isn’t fun

After finally sitting down and working on my calendar — which, is a lot harder when you don’t buy a planner or even a wall calendar to map things out on — well, I noticed something not so awesome.

Thanks to the knee injury, and then throwing my back out.. my hours aren’t just what I’d normally log at work. Thus meaning a slightly meager paycheck coming up. And it’s the rent paycheck. So all of my money from that check will be going toward rent — and what I have left in my account right now, well, it’s got to last until the following paycheck after this one.

That’s just under $125 to cover 3 weeks’ expenses. Excluding rent, of course. So, since I can’t completely neglect this whole adulting thing, I decided what I needed to do was try at least to go the next week without spending any money.

No Spend Week

No spend challenges aren’t new. Heck, some people try this for a whole month. But I just want to try a week and see how it goes.

The rules I’m setting up for myself during this No Spend Week are:
1) Unless it’s an automatic bill pay, or cash I already have on hand, I am not spending a cent until next Saturday at the earliest.
2) No guilt for failing this challenge.

I’m pretty sure I can make it a whole week without any spending. All my major spending is done. I think the only upcoming bills are for Hulu and Netflix — which are autopay bills that I already budgeted for.

Also, I tried to really think through my groceries a bit better than I have been lately. Lately I’ve barely eaten lunch and mostly eat junk food for dinner. Crackers for lunch, chips for dinner. It’s a rockstar life, y’all. Hopefully this No Spend Week will sort of force me back into a better eating habit.

I have some chicken breast and pork loin, which may end up staying frozen. But I also bought supplies to make a black & white bean and rice bowl, and also chicken noodle casserole. The best thing about these dishes are that they make great leftovers.

For lunch, which seems to be the biggest struggle, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, as well as lettuce I had already for salads. Oh, and what I’m really excited for: watermelon & feta salad! And the aforementioned leftovers.

And of course I have snacks too, because I am a creature of habit: chips and dip, doritos, triscuits, goldfish crackers… Should be definitely enough to make it through the week, especially if I make real meals for dinner.

So with all of this set, and a fully loaded transit card, I think I’m pretty well off for accomplishing this goal.

Have you tried a No Spend challenge before? How’d it go?