Things my future boyfriend should probably know…

I’m no where near starting a relationship right now. Yes, there are guys I find attractive, but it’s just not something I’m actively pursuing at this point in my life.

However, I still check my dating profile every so often. But well, like any dating profile we don’t always put everything out there. I mean, come on. We’re basically trying to sell how great we are so someone actually wants to take that risk and say hi. (Though, as we all know, hopefully they’ll write more than “Hi.” because come on.)

So as I was thinking about it, here are some things that I don’t necessarily advertise on my dating profile — or necessarily say as blatantly as this — but are things a guy would come to learn about me. Either organically or otherwise.

» I joke about being a slight hermit, but yes, I am. I love my friends, I love hanging out with them, but I’m not the type who can go out more nights than not in very social atmospheres.

» Yes. I will eat an entire tub of french onion dip with chips in one sitting. And yes, sometimes I will call that a meal.

» Sometimes I do need a little encouragement, because I get shy or doubt myself. But sometimes I just can’t and pushing me too much is only going to make me turn inwards more.

» Sometimes on a bad day, all I need is something small. A hug. My favorite movie. A walk to the beach. Takeout from one of my favorite places.

» The cats are completely not negotiable.

» No cilantro. No bell peppers. No caffeine (unless it’s chocolate). No beer. For me at least… and I won’t just pick out or eat around peppers. It doesn’t work that way.

» Something that I sort of really want, but will probably never ask for directly: someone to go on adventures with. Maybe calculated adventures. Someone to share dreams with and go exploring with. (I mean, it’s sort of what we all want, though, really.)

» Sometimes, yes, I just want to go to bed at 7pm.

» And with that, I’m not a perky morning person, but 5:30am does not phase me. I don’t expect someone to get up with me — and heck, sometimes I like having the morning be my own quiet time to myself — but please don’t expect me to be this active night owl with you.

» It may take some time, but eventually, one day, I’ll completely open up and be my full, sometimes weird self around you all the time.

Would be on your list? Do you think it’s important to have more of these things up front in the beginning, or let them come out naturally over the course of time?