a little bit of change

I’ve been getting a little itch lately to redesign this site. I’ve had this design for a while now, and though I still like it and feel it works… I don’t know. Sometimes change is needed. But I didn’t know how much change I wanted — if I wanted to deal with rebranding everything — and was generally feeling uninspired about a concept — only that I wanted to redesign stuff.

If you’re reading this in a reader of some sort, click through to check it out.

It’s not major… and like haircuts, I need to just live with it for a little bit to decide if I really like it. The sidebar isn’t finished yet… but well, I did this in just a couple hours last night so I’ll probably work on it some this weekend.

Some other concepts I came up with… which I still might try to work into here some how…


The circles were fun… But I had a hard time incorporating the logotype into this. Plus, to place there where I had wanted (in a side bar — for a no-header blog layout), the font under my name became too small to be legible.

And there then was this:

Adorkable Me hex logo

I might still use this one… Just not sure how. This was also another idea with removing the header area completely. Going straight to two columns — with a main content area for posts headed by the navigation, and this logo heading up the sidebar… It made the layout feel very text heavy though… and I wanted a little more white space.

Hence, the empty honeycomb (in the header) to change up from the previous comb design (below).

Old Adorkable Me header image

I don’t know. I want something that feels clean, but still whimsical. This new design might stick around for a little bit. But I still want to work through a few more concepts.