Life Below Zero

In one of my quests for something new to binge watch, I stumbled down a wonderful rabbit hole of shows from National Geographic. Now, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for this company. My grandfather had a large collection of the magazines that I would thumb through as a kid. For one Christmas, he even got me my own subscription.

Anyway. One of these NatGeo shows has captured my heart.

NatGeo Life Below Zero

Life Below Zero is a show all about life in arctic Alaska. It follows a few people who live, for the most part, isolated in the beautiful wild of Alaska — mostly around or above the arctic circle.

It’s touted as a simpler life. And in many ways it is. But this is a tough way of life. And as these people state often, you have to want this to survive out there.

You spend the four months of summer just preparing so you can make it through the 8 months of winter. It’s intense. You can’t just go to the store. You can’t always just go to the doctor. And there are a lot of things that want to eat you. (Including like, 35 species of mosquitos.)

However… The absolutely beauty of Alaska. Which, I mean, is beyond intense at how incredibly beautiful Alaska is. The freedom to just go out and live. No worries about the 9-to-5. No worries about choosing between what you love and what you need to do to get by — it’s one in the same. Instead of over consumption, it’s subsistence living.

So much of that is appealing to me.


I realize that it’s TV. It’s edited and even romanticized — even the dangerous and hard parts. I know that as it stands now, I’d have no chance of surviving on my own in Alaska. For one, I never chopped firewood, nor have I done more than shoot a bb gun once or twice probably 17-18 years ago at a soda can. I can, however, skin a rabbit well enough to keep the fur. So I guess I have that going for me.

For now it’s just binge watching and daydreaming. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t envious of the people on the show. They know that’s the life they want. They do everything they can to keep it. And most of all, they love it.

Kavik Sue - Life Below Zero