Progress and Goals: Let’s get to this, August.

Did I set goals for July? I think it was just to survive maybe… which was a pretty admirable and acceptable goal given everything that’s gone on.

Actually, apparently I did set some goals.

» Clean the kitchen. Not really. I mean, I got some dishes washed, but there’s still stuff to do.

» Take lunch breaks. Um… Not really either. I still work through lunch, but I am getting better at actually eating things at work.

» Stop doing work on my days off. Mostly good. There’s still be days that I’ve taken off that weren’t the ones I expected to take off, so I still spend most of the day checking emails.

» Fix up my resume and apply for new jobs. Yes! I actually did this. And had some interviews. Still waiting on some sort of an offer though. So, there’s that.

And now, of course, time to look forward…

New goals for August…

» More applications. End date is coming soon on my job, so I really need to keep pushing on this.

» Let my leg heal! Yes, that one gets an exclamation point. It’s been about 6-7 weeks since I injured my knee, and though I went to urgent care and a chiropractor… and I’ve been on and off and on again with crutches… my knee isn’t getting better at all. I’ve got an appointment with a specialist, so hopefully we’ll get on with the healing finally.

» Clean up my dressing area. I’ve let this area go. Mainly because I’ll still sometimes put on 3 different outfits despite the fact that I wear the same denim jeans every single day (thank you knee brace), and well those extra close just sit around the dresser and these random boxes I still have laying around. I may need more hangers. Or another dresser.

Mostly, and most definitely mostly, I just want to get this knee healed and get back on with my life. Especially since my life list includes a lot of things that really would do better with a fully functioning set of knees. That’s pretty much my only real aspiration for any near future because it’s the one that takes up all my energy and has brought out grumpy and cynical and just not pleasant Rini.

After the last week. I just really want a do-over. Maybe August will bring that for me…