Such Fun! (meet my favorite show, Miranda)

I’m not a stranger to marathoning season after season of various tv shows. Mostly I just bounce around from whatever’s available. Not having cable really since high school when I lived with my mom, well, I appreciate shows, but there are few that I eagerly await.

However, one show that I have absolutely fallen in love with — that just, I don’t… might be one of my favorite shows ever… is Miranda.

I don’t normally do sitcoms. A lot just rely on awkward humor that’s hard to watch after a couple episodes, or the jokes get too crass or dry… or for whatever reason, I just can’t get into them. But with Miranda… oh goodness. I’m not often a laugh out loud type of person, but I totally am with Miranda.

Yes, it’s awkward. And there are fart jokes. And slapstick. But I just love it. Maybe it’s the British humor… Really, though, I think it’s all Miranda Hart. I saw her first in Call the Midwife — which she was ok as Chummy — but she just kills it basically as her sitcom self.

And to show my love of Miranda, here’s a series of gifs from the show. Hopefully from them, you can sort of see why I sort of feel like Miranda Hart is my spirit animal.












Now go on Hulu and watch all three seasons because I need someone to yell “such fun!” and do their Heather Small impressions.