Goodbye Blondie!

When I dyed bleached the crap out of my hair, it was a big change. But a much needed change. And it was pretty great. I enjoyed being blonde.

bleaching your hair from brown to blonde, salon vs home

It was like a fun new adventure. And I mean, I got to sort of reinvent myself a little bit.

Now, the blondness was great and fun and all that… but well… I am absolutely terrible at being patient with the length of my hair. I’ve attempted to grow it out twice, and could never get past the hitting the shoulder stage.

Recently I’d been getting the itch to do something with my hair. It wasn’t even all that long, but it was just becoming a nuisance to me.

awkward blonde hair

I’m not much of a girlie-girl, so my knowledge of hair styling is pretty minimal. Not much I really could do with this hair and a lot depended on how it dried, the humidity, and well… but the mood of my hair itself.

So I thought I’d get a hair cut. I went in for this:

Ann Hathaway pixie

But… I got this…

more awkward blonde hair

And you know… I tried with it. I just wanted a pixie that was shorter and tighter on the sides and back, but still had enough on top and in the front so if I wanted to cover my forehead I could — or swipe it off to the side if I wanted. I thought maybe I just needed to rebleach the roots and it’d be fine — because a lot of the blonde on the back was gone thanks to the clippers.

Bleached pixie

And well, this really wasn’t bad. The photo doesn’t show it well, but my roots were brassy yellow. So I was going to have to bleach it again. However… I got thinking… Blonde just doesn’t feel right with this hair cut. It just doesn’t suit it.

So. I bought some hair dye and made use of the first full, two-day weekend I’ve had all summer.

dying hair ginger

Now, I wasn’t quite ready to bust out my emergency dye just yet — I keep a box of my original go-to dye, a brown black color, just in case I ever need it. But, after thinking about it… and sort of drawing some inspiration from a number of amazing ladies, I decided to try a nice step up from blonde…

So after just shy of a year exactly as a blonde…

Ginger hair

Hello Ginger!

** I will say though, it took 2 boxes just to get this light copper color. My hair is so damaged from all the bleaching, that it doesn’t really want to take the new color at all.. but I like it.