a closer look: Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan

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So for the last 6 months, I’ve briefly shouted at you guys regarding my love for this new Ms. Marvel run. I was definitely intrigued and nervous at first, when I heard about what was sort of being planned for Marvel NOW’s relaunch of the character. I mean, a Muslim-American teenager… there’s a lot of great potential for awesomeness, but also, great danger for worn out cliches and stereotypes.

But honestly, after seeing these first 6 issues. Guys. GUYS. G. Willow Wilson has done such an amazingly beautiful job with this story. I mean, I’m sold on it. 100% sold on it.

Ok. Ok, so you’re thinking, what’s up, it’s just a comic book, right? Ms. Marvel is, now, part superhero story, and part coming of age story of a girl from Jersey who’s really just trying to figure out who she is and how to do the right thing. It’s so endearing and so relatable.

I mean, I want so much to gush about EVERYTHING regarding it… but also don’t want to spoil it, because you really just need to experience this yourself.

But when we live in a world when oh so many heroines in comics, including the last Ms. Marvel, look like this:


It’s kind of refreshing to have one that looks like this:

Ms Marvel needs theme music streetclothes
She’s normal. I mean, this is one thing that I love about Kamala. She reads very much true to her character. She is incredibly relatable. Every time a new issue comes out, I just want to hug it — which is hard, because I subscribed digitally. But Ms. Marvel not only captivates and charms me, but I can’t leave an issue without feeling like I can go battle evil and be a little braver and a little more sure of who I am.

And I mean, Kamala is a nerd, just like us…

Ms. Marvel You are wolverine! Fan fiction

I seriously cannot, cannot recommend this new Ms. Marvel strongly enough. Go. Go read it now.