Goals and Progress: a good start for September

So a few things first: I recently updated my site to WordPress 4.0, and well, after that I was getting a lot of errors. I had a friend (Hi Edwin!) help me fix that by reverting my site back to php 5.3 (which also solved a php issue I’ve been having since June)… However, in the midst of all of that.. well, for some reason my comments stop displaying. So I’ve installed Disqus, and well, I’ve been told my old comments will transfer over… so apparently that should happen soon. Fingers crossed.

Looking back at my goals for August:

» More applications. Pseudo-pass? I did send out more applications, even went out on an interview. But, well, not having much luck yet. I am working with a temp agency, and hopefully I’ll get some things lined up with that. Due to this stupid warm-weather cold virus thing I’ve caught, I’ve had to turn down two job offers from them. But hopefully I’ll get more soon!

» Let my leg heal! Pass. Mostly. My knee is doing tremendously better. I’m still not 100%, but well, I’m not sure if that’s even possible. The cartilage behind my knee cap is damage, and well, parts of it is just gone. And cartilage does not really heal or grow back. So the most I can do now is just to strengthen the rest of the knee.

» Clean up my dressing area. Pass! I actually completely forgot that this was a goal. I just got fed up with the mess. I’m still going through my closet and pulling out clothes I no longer wear/don’t fit properly… but that’s sort of a slow process. Mostly because it’s kind of depressing packing some of my favorite things away. But well, reminding myself that this will allow me to build a better wardrobe.

Now for September goals!

» Become employed! That’s sort of an obvious one. I need some sort of employment/stable income. I’m mostly still looking at academic administration, but definitely keeping myself open to other possibilities. Especially since I don’t know how I’ll cover next month’s rent yet.

» More blog sponsors! Speaking of covering stuff… I’ve still got spots for ad space and I’d love to fill them all up! I’ll have more options on size, etc next month. But for $5, this is a great deal. Heck, I’ll even help ya out for free if you need help making a banner the right size.

» Visit family. I haven’t been home since January. And in that time, my new little tiny twin nieces, well, they’re not as little or tiny any more. Not to mention, G is turning 9 and I like being home as close to her birthday as possible. I’m trying to work on plans with my mom to make this all happen, but so far I haven’t gotten anything sorted out.

» Clean the kitchen. It desperately needs it. Between having a crazy busy summer, and then the knee injury, and now being sick… ugh. I’ve had no motivation to get this taken care of. On top of that, it’s the one room I’ve never fully unpacked. (I know, I know…)

» Walk 1 mile a week. Now that my knee is better, I want to get back to my old walking routine. Or something close to it. Not sure if I can manage the nearly 5 miles a day I was doing back in November, but I want to try. And now that Fall is on it’s way, well, you’re more likely to catch my outside. (I’m ok with warm weather, but I’m pretty much over hot and muggy.)

What are your goals for September? Anything you’re really looking forward to?