To Cute to Fail: #ShyGuysInCatKarts and new Mario Kart 8 DLC

You know those times when you suggest something really silly, that you just have to go with it? Recently, I purposed just that and my friends in my gaming group — The Mushroom Kingdom Gaming League — joined right in with me.

We held the first Shy Guys in Cat Karts tournament for Mario Kart 8.

Ok, so maybe everyone won’t find this as silly as I do… but, really? All Shy Guys in the Cat Cruiser Kart? It’s incredibly adorable.

First off, if you haven’t played Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U, or haven’t used Shy Guy yet in the game… Well… He meows. Like a cat. Well, like a little Nintendo guy would meow. And there happens to be a kart that looks like a cat. A pink cat. So combine the meowing guy in a cat car… Well. It’s awesome.

Shy Guy in Cat Cruise Kart, Mario Kart 8 for Wii U

What really brought this on, though, was the addition of a new DLC bonus that allowed us to change the color of our little Shy Guy, thus giving us 9 options of Shy Guys.

To get this bonus, you had to pre-order the 2 new DLC bundles. Which, frankly, are pretty exciting. DLC opens up a whole new level of possibilities for Mario Kart 8, and will be a super easy way to keep the game fresh. (Plus, hello brand partnerships — Nintendo’s already teamed up with Mercedes to offer 3 new, free, carts that look like some of their cars.)

But these new bundles? Super sweet and totally open up the game. You get 3 new playable characters and 2 more course options in each bundle. And we’re finally getting out of the Mario universe with these new additions. Link, Isabelle, and the Villager are joining the racing roster. As well as Tanooki Mario, Cat Suit Peach (YAY!), and Dry Bowser.

Mario Kart 8 DLC bundles

For roughly $12, this is a pretty sweet bundle. Though the waiting for these to be released is going to be killer. But in the mean time, not only do you get color options for Shy Guy, you get color options for Yoshi too. (So yes, I can see an all Yoshis on Yoshi Bikes race happening some day too.) And this is all available to you in the eShop as well as in the game menu.

In case you’re curious about the adorableness of our #ShyGuysInCatKarts tournament? Well, here’s a couple videos for you… And in case you’re curious,  I’m the dark blue Shy Guy.

Do you play Mario Kart 8? What are your favorite characters and karts?