Introducing: Fangirl Fashion – The Angels have the phone box

So I’ve done a number of casual cosplay posts now, which I love and are fun and I will totally continue to do. However, I decided to do another fun fashion-y feature, which I’m calling Fangirl Fashion!

fangirl fashion

Now, you may be wondering, How does this differ from the everyday cosplay stuff??

For me, casual cosplay is taking a character’s costume and design and making it accessible in everyday clothing. In essence, it’s still kind of a costume. You’re trying to be that character, just more subtly than full-on cosplay. With what I want to do with Fangirl Fashion, it’s taking something you love (aka something you can fangirl over) and putting together outfits that celebrate that.

It’s like, for my Batgirl casual cosplay, I wouldn’t wear an actual batgirl or batman shirt. But with Fangirl Fashion I totally would. It’s not about replicating a costume, it’s about wearing your nerd badge loud and proud.

So for my first one, I’ve taken the concept of “The Angels have the phone box” from Doctor Who and tried to create an outfit that reflect that.


Top Vitruvian Weeping Angel tank
Bottoms basic black jeans
Shoes Tardis blue flats
Accessories Tardis key necklace, eye ring (don’t blink!), Weeping Angel clutch, and Tardis phone case.

I think my favorite part of this might be the clutch and phone case combo, because: The Angels have the phone box. The eye ring is only slightly creepy to me, but again… for some reason I kind of like silly fashion jokes.

Anyway, I think with Fangirl Fashion I might also take submissions to share — which includes showcasing outfits you actually have and wear. So if you’re interested in joining in, let me know!

EDIT: You can now submit your own Fangirl Fashion posts here!