Casual Cosplay: Deadpool

casual cosplay

When I started getting into comics, I sort of knew where I wanted to start (Batgirl, duh)… But I knew there would be a lot of story lines that catch my eye. Hardest part is just affording everything. So I’ve been slow at getting into much beyond Batgirl and Ms Marvel.

However, one character that caught my eye… partially because he seemed absurd, but also, you know, badass. And that’s Deadpool. I think what really got me was seeing some art displaying his love for tacos.

Anyway, after picking up Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0, I knew I liked this guy and wanted to know more about him/get involved with his story. So, with that… Casual Deadpool…

Casual Cosplay: Deadpool

Top Fitted red tank top with a cropped black cardigan
Bottoms Black shorts, preferably with some sort of ripping or fraying or other signs of distress
Shoes Red combat boots; red hightops (chucks or something like nike) would also be a good substitute
Accessories Cat-eye sunglasses, some sort of fun purse like this one with the gun imprint, and a taco necklace because tacos.

EDIT: Ok. So. I put this together right after I read Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0. And then scheduled it and changed the scheduling… blah blah… BUT. But. Since putting this together, it has been announce that there officially will be a Deadpool movie. Not until February 2016. But still. SQUEE! I’m hoping there’s some sort of midwest premiere, because I want to dress up (Dorkpool what?) and have fun with B. And you know, I think that’d be a cool time for Ian to visit the states again. The countdown begins. Expect a lot more Wade-love here over the next 17 months.

Has there been a character, comic or otherwise, that has surprised you and you wouldn’t have thought at first you’d be interested in but started to love?