September Reads

It’s the monthly book round up! YAY! Also, I’m curious, for those reading this… would you like me to include my ratings for these? Would that help? Also, keep linking to the Goodreads reviews or would you rather have links to Amazon?

Short Stories & Novels

Between the Spark and the Burn by April Genevieve Tucholke – Technically, I read this one in August, but I finished it the night before the post went live and, well, I slept through the scheduled time. This is the second and final book in Tucholke’s Between series. I’m actually kind of sad it’s only a duet, but the stories are well contained. The stories balance well between creepy and heartwarming. But not like, blood and gore creepiness… more like “why am I reading this alone at night OMG WHAT WAS THAT NOISE?!” sort of creepiness. The ending was sort of lackluster for me, but overall, I liked the books.

Slapstick, or Lonesome No More! by Kurt Vonnegut – This is a re-read for me. I’ve always had a strange drawing and fondness to this book. Though, years out from reading it, I remembered the plot as two separate books. It’s an interesting take on folk society and just issues with loneliness — sort of a mockery of it all. Vonnegut was not shy about saying this was one of his least favorite works. It’s brash and ugly. But for some reason I love it for that.

Sunset Rising by S.M. McEachern – I received this as a free digital review copy from NetGalley. That being said, it’s only 99¢ on Kindle. And this is where I tell you GO BUY IT. I’ll admit, when I first started this book, I was a little skeptical. Some things just, I don’t know, it was like “that can’t work”… but I kept going with it and before I knew it, I was sucked in. And then I devoured it all in one day. The premise is interesting and the characters, though not perfect, you sort of just start to love them. A nuclear war broke out, and citizens tried to seek refuge at a military compound — however, not everything was as it seemed… and years later, a severe caste system is in place between the citizens of the Dome and ones who were “recused” in the Pit. Sunny find herself in a tough choice, but one she thought might lead towards change and salvation for her people in the Pit — but oh boy, of course it doesn’t go well or as expected.

Worlds Collide by S.M. McEachern – First, I’ve got to say a HUGE thanks to my sponsors, in particular Natasha, for helping me get this book. Without sponsors and their support, I simply just can’t keep up with getting new books or comics. Anyway. After being so captivated by the first book, Sunset Rising, I was really excited to keep going. I won’t say too much about the premise, as it’ll spoil it. BUT, I was definitely excited to explore this world more and see more of Sunny & Jack’s relationship develop. Honestly, I liked the previous book better than this one — there were some things in the reveal where I was just “really? we had to go there?” … but, overall, not bad. Honestly, they could have just ended the series with this book. But, a third is in the works. It’ll be interesting to hopefully get more of a peak into the greater post-nuclear world.

My goal this year is to read 50 books. According to Goodreads, including a few of the comics, I have read 51 books and am 14 books ahead of schedule.
AKA. I am done. Well, I’ll still keep reading, but woo!

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