Goals & Progress: it’s almost laughable.

Oh hey. Yeah. I made goals and such for September… let’s see how I did…

» Become employed! Um. No. Not yet. I’ve had interviews. Ones I thought were good. But well. Employment did not happen for September.

» More blog sponsors! Stayed the same. And actually, right now I’m starting to move more towards Patreon than ad spaces. With Patreon, it allows people to kick back a little to content creators they love. And it allows me to give back to the people supporting me! (I’m actually working on some designs to make some really awesome rewards.) Once I get in a better financial place myself, I plan on using it to support other bloggers, vloggers, and artists.

» Visit family. Sadly no. I even missed my niece’s 9th birthday. Had my dad actually told me they were driving down, I could have met up with him and join… but nope. Didn’t happen. Now the goal is to get home before… Christmas?

» Clean the kitchen. HA. hahahaha. No. Rather than clean the kitchen I made it worse. Primarily due to an oil fire. (Ok, technically that happened in October. But still.)

» Walk 1 mile a week. While I did walk more, I barely left my house once a week, so the walking thing didn’t happen.

And now for my October goals…

» Employment! Yep. Still my #1 focus.

» Don’t become homeless. I mean, sorry to put it so bluntly, but well, no employment and no unemployment benefits, no savings… Rent is sort of some hard to come up with right now… I’m just extremely thankful my mom’s been helping me a little so I can still get groceries.

… And that’s basically my goals. It’s the only 2 things really on my mind. Yeah, it’s a little grim, and not accomplishing any of my goals last month doesn’t help either. But I’ve been in tough situations before, and like I said yesterday, I’m not quitting. I’ll push through somehow.

I don’t want you to think that I’m completely down and in some very dark place. No. There’s still joy in my life. It’s just that other, unfortunately big, aspects are sort of not so awesome and I’m just struggling at the moment to get through them. C’est la vie, as they say… Or, as I prefer: Life is like the mail, sometimes you don’t get it.

But. BUT! To leave this on a happier note, here are some things in October that I’m looking forward to:

» Leaves! They’re already starting to change, but I’m ready for the full autumnal takeover. Even though there’s not a whole lot of trees here in the city, it’s still fun and beautiful!

» New comics! One of the awesome things about Patreon is that I can set goals for myself. And thanks to my patrons, I’ve hit 2 of them! And the one I’m most excited about is reading one new-to-me comic each month. Not sure what I’m going to pick yet this month, but I’m definitely taking suggestions!

» L.Y.A. I’ve been with Mucca for 5 years now, and I am so honored to be here and be a part of their 10 year anniversary. We’ve had fun celebrating this year — performing with the Chicago Children’s Choir and, most recently, a battle of the bands with the Chicago Sinfonietta! And what better way to max out the celebration of a 10 year anniversary than a new album! L.Y.A. is releasing on Halloween — and I cannot wait for this show! It’s going to be so much fun! I mean, how often do you see a band opening for themselves? And for reals, we had a listening party a few weekends ago… and holy crap. I mean, yes, I know my friends are good… But whoa. I am beyond amazed by this new album!

Anyway. Cheers to October! Cheers to Life! Cheers to you!