Fandom Five: my top Halloween character choices!

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Time for another weekly installment of Five Fandom Friday — from the great minds of Megan and Kristin! This week’s topic is Characters I’d Love To Dress Up As For Halloween.

It’s an interesting on for me, because I can’t remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween. Well, besides for maybe 6 years ago when I went as a Sexy Velociraptor for a party crawl with some friends. I think that was the year we ended up crashing a stranger’s party — it happened to be a Bear halloween party. Super nice guys, great food, we should have stayed.

Anyway. Most years now, I’m working a Mucca show, so my costume is the same as with any other Mucca show: band uniform jacket, various shirt, cheerleading skirt, tube socks, hi-top chucks. So the idea that I can choose whatever I want to wear for Halloween is simultaneously exciting and nerve racking. I mean, where would I even start thinking of outfits?

Edge of Spider-verse #2: Spider Gwen

1. Spider Gwen » Pretty self explanatory. I want to be Spider Gwen every day.

Little Pete and Artie

2. Little Pete » Ok. So maybe I only want to be the younger Pete Wrigley because I want to have my own Artie to run around with me. I mean, who doesn’t want their own personal super hero? Especially when it’s Artie: the Strongest Man       in the world!

bane cat

3. Bane Cat » Yep. Bane Cat. I actually have a portrait of him by Jenny Parks. The only downside is I absolutely cannot do Bane’s voice. And even if I could, I would probably never be able to get over my anxiety to even do Bane’s voice. Regardless, though, Bane Cat is pretty awesome.

Honorable mentions…
Gadget from Rescue Rangers, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Batgirl (Babs), Crysta or Batty from Fern Gully, and Bilbo Baggins (unexpected journey era)*.

Funny. I can think of 5 “maybe” costumes, but outside of Ms. Marvel or Babs, I don’t know if I would actually do them… Though of course adding Kamala and Babs to my main list would make a total of 5. It just feels a little too predictable for me, and I used all my predictable in Spider Gwen. Plus, those are all more comic con outfits more so than Halloween — mainly because I feel they’d be appreciated more there… ANYWAY.

When I actually do costumes it’s stuff like Sexy Velociraptors or going to a Back to the Future party dressed as Teen Wolf (because it’s going back to Michael J Fox’s future, of course). What can I say, I like it weird.

*Also good potential for a warm costume here, which is important for Fall in Chicago… However, I’ve got to admit that Thorin or any of the other dwarves would be warmer.