our dreams aren’t precious

When I announce a few weeks ago about going back to college to get a second degree in Anthropology, I was excited but also definitely scared. Putting my dreams out there for all the world to see is also allowing the universe to hold me accountable — to put my failure out for all to see.

Remember that time I was going to get my MFA in writing? Or how about going to get my teaching license? Or how about going off to be a graphic designer and only making it through 2 terms?

I am the Queen of Dreams, all talk little action — my head often in the clouds. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how my mom would describe me. I just want something better in my life. Combine that with an overactive imagination… and of course this is what you’re going to get.

If it wasn’t for those failed, discarded dreams, I wouldn’t get to these new dreams and goals. Each one played an integral part in getting to where I am today. Those are my stepping stones. I needed each of those ideas to get me to the next, to spark some light on a new and unknown path. And it’s not an easy journey. And it’s not always so easy to be open about my journey, either.

A lot of things will come to attack your dreams. Sometimes, they’re small and easy to overcome. But other times, they just continually bombard you. “You’re wasting your time. You’ll never be able to afford this. You’re not good enough.” Sometimes it’s from well meaning love ones — they truly care about you, are going about showing it the wrong way. Sometimes it’s malicious. And those people can go jump off a figurative cliff. Other times it’s just people who don’t even know you and shouldn’t comment.

The answer to all of this is simple: rise above.

Yeah, that can sometimes be hard when it comes from those around you. But you’ve got to. You have to rise above. Keep moving forward. In focusing on those two things — rising above and moving forward — it allows you to hold on to your dreams without latching on to it for dear life. These are your hopes and dreams, but they aren’t precious.

That’s right. Your dreams, my dreams — they’re not precious, fragile things you have to hide away and protect. Push them. Test them. Use them as inspiration to explore. By holding on to them too tightly, and not opening yourself to other possibilities, you might not be able to discover your true dreams. Sometimes those are hiding deep beneath the surface. Sometimes they’re 50 miles away, but you’d never know without a vehicle — that first dream — to get there.

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