capturing the small joys

Growing up, I was an avid journaler. I have stacks of notebooks and diaries in my old closet at my mom’s house chronically all the joys, hardships, and every. stupid. little. crush I’ve ever experienced up through high school. College through present are packed in a box in my current closet.

I have to admit though, over the years, I’ve stopped journaling. Yes, partially due to blogging. But also because I was noticing a trend. I really only ever wrote in my journal to complain. Or, annoyingly so, go on and on about whatever guy I was interested at the time (and how it went horribly wrong!)…

I actually got so frustrated with this trend and I decided to make a change. I took a massive sharpie and blacked out things from my past I just didn’t want to hold on to. No, I didn’t get rid of all the bad — we need some of that to grow. But there were things that were simply not worth my time while they were happening let alone keeping forever in my journal.

But after the Great Deleting of about 3 years ago… I just never got back into the habit.

I wanted to journal. But I wanted it to mean something. I’m fortunate enough to have some amazing and inspirational people as friends. And I’m always impressed with how they’re able to take their writing online further. Though I’ve never seen their journals, or even know if they actually do keep one, I always imagined with these tome full of deep and insightful prose.

And I wanted that too. I wanted to write things beyond the stagnate every day blergh. Something my great grandkids (or, possibly more likely) my great grand-nieces and nephews, could read and be fascinated and captivated and inspired by…. But, well, the fact of the matter is, I lead a pretty simple life.

Yeah, I enjoy it. I most definitely enjoy and like my life. But it is what it is.  … Yet… I still wanted to create a good and positive habit of journaling. So, I decided to do this…

Each day, I write down at least 1 positive moment from that day. It doesn’t have to be any thing grand — in fact, on some days it’s as simple as “lazy day” or “cuddles with Tuija” — but as long as I capture one good thing from the day, I’ve done my job.


Despite my desire to be profound, I’ve found a great joy in just capturing part of each day down on paper. Rather than pages and pages of the worrisome dribble that I apparently was fond of in the past, I could focus on the good. I could try to keep tabs on my dreams and goals. But more importantly, I would give precedence to the good things.

I’ve been doing this for 86 days now. And in this daily capturing of small joys and good things, I’ve noticed my base line attitude is pretty good. All I have to do is focus at things one day at a time. Whatever else is going on, there’s always at least one thing good in each day. No day is ever at a loss.

And while no, it’s still not this grand venture in journaling that I wanted… it’s had a pretty grand thing for my life. Maybe that’s all the reward I need.

Do you journal? Do you keep up with it every day?

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