Goals & Progress: November

I made it through October! And thankfully without too much struggle. Partially because I cashed out my retirement plan. So while I didn’t get a job, I still have a place to live. I’d definitely say that’s a win. And hey, I started working on a September goal of cleaning up the kitchen finally.

Anyway. Here’s what I’ve got going on for November:

» MSU enrollment decision by November 23rd. Hopefully I’ll have some things figured out, and I can accept my aid package and start prepping for the move. But, like I said, there’s still some things to take care of.

» Make plans for Thanksgiving. Since moving to Chicago, I haven’t spend too many Thanksgivings at home. I wish I could have, but it’s not always easy to get home especially when I also want to get home for Christmas too. And being single, it’s pretty much expected of me to do all of the traveling if I want to see my family. Even if I don’t get to go home, it’d still be nice to spend the day with friends. (But in reality, it wouldn’t be the first time I made a bird for just the cats and myself.)

» Visit the Field Museum. I hit up Shedd already for one of their discount days, but so far my plans keep changing and I’ve been unable to hit up Field. I could spend days there, but well, I’ll settle for one. I also would like to hit up MSI too.

» Work at least 10-15 temp shifts. While temping is sort of erratic schedule-wise, I have been enjoying it. I’ve worked with three different companies — one of them, a show room, I seem to be the regular for. It’s not glamorous work, but it’s work. And with enough shifts, I should be able to get through December.

What are your goals or plans for this month?

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