Project Montana: The Detour

So, when we last left off reality came crashing down and moving to Montana and starting school in January just wasn’t going to be possible at all. It hurt. And it was hard. But after I let myself express all of that emotionally, I got straight to plotting.

This dream is about more than just Montana itself. It’s about wanting something better for my life — to finally have some sort of direction. The end goal is (hopefully) a career at a museum, a place where I can use my curiosity and desire to keep learning as an asset. And while Montana is the place where I’d like to get all of that started, it’s not a necessity to get all of this started.

Originally, my options seemed to be: 1) find a full time job in Chicago and start saving money towards school, 2) get enough financial aid & luck to move out to Montana and start school in January, or 3) move back home to one of my parents’ houses. Options 1 & 2 didn’t pan out, so I thought I was stuck with only option 3. In thinking about moving back home, I began to wonder if there was anything I could do, from there, to continue working on this goal to work in a museum.

Thing is, my mom lives in a university town. I’d never really given much consideration to it. I was only way too eager to flee as soon as I graduated high school. And for the most part, outside of missing my family, I haven’t looked back. However… they do have an anthropology program.

So, I applied. Filled out the application, sent my transcripts, and adjusted my FAFSA. This whole post baccalaureate thing actually isn’t as hard as it may seem in regards to getting in. It’s the waiting that’s the hard part. The fumbling with plans that are complicated. Thankfully, though, I didn’t have to wait long. I found out on Saturday that I was admitted.

It’s not Montana. I won’t get my mountains, or my bad winters, or the Museum of the Rockies. And while they do have an anthro program, they don’t have all of the classes I want. But, the classes they do have aren’t bad, cost of living is way down, I already know the area very well, and I’ll finally get to be an active part of my nieces lives. The twins are turning 1, and G just turned 9. It’s hard only getting to see them once or twice a year. And I actually haven’t gotten to visit them since January. So before I go off in this big “change my life” adventure, it’ll be nice to get some family time in as well.

And with that, it appears I’m moving home.

So now it’s just the fumbling with plans part I’m working through. While my mom said I can crash with her until I get settled, I’m hoping I can just go straight to my own apartment to spare all of our cats some stress — as well as figuring out where to store all of my furniture. I think I’ve got a car sorted, as well as the whole moving processes. So I’m already off to a better start than I was with Montana. There’s just a lot to do in a short amount of time if I’m going to start classes in about 7 weeks. But at least I’m on my way.