I’m thankful for…

» A mom who loves and supports me, and has bailed me out way more often than she should have had to.

» A dad and stepmom who accept me for who I am, or at least, let me believe that — and love me regardless.

» A brother who sends me endless pictures of his soon-to-be 1 year old daughters whenever I feel down.

» My brother’s girlfriend for being a wonderful addition to our family, and giving us 2 adorable little girls.

» A niece who loves me despite all the distance we’ve had between each other, and who Facetimes me and lets me talk to/at her baby sisters.

» A group of sisters who forgive, teach me patience through example, surprise me with their humor and curiosity.

» My extended family; the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins… all of whom have helped shape me into who I am today in their own ways.

» My Mucca family, for loving me especially for the weirdo I am. I would have been lost a long time ago without them.

» My cats who comfort me during my down times, make me laugh endlessly, put up with my terrible singing, and show me unending love.

» My patrons and blog sponsors, without whom it’d be hard to keep up with this stuff.

» My blogging/online community; from 20sb compatriots to NintendoEnthused/MKGLers to FGbloggers to the punkists to IGGPPC — you enrich my world, even if mostly virtually.

» A temp office who wants the best for me and keeps offering me work.

» Cold weather and warm winter wear.

» A chance to do this college thing over again, and attempt a new career path at 30.

» Blazers, accessories, and other outfits that make me feel like a real adult.

» Netflix binges. Books to get lost in. Other fictional worlds to distract me.

» Thin mint coffee creamer.

» The feel of new comics.

» Never giving up on myself.