On being busy

My two weeks off blogging have been quite nice. Of course, yes, that itch to write has indeed come back. But it was definitely nice to have something taken off my plate for a little while so I could sort out some other things.

Still working on the sorting thing, but well, I feel like I’m sort of getting into a decent pace right now. This, by no means, should be construed as a sign that things have calmed down any. Quite the contrary. I picked up a more stable temp gig — part time, but 4 days a week for the rest of this month. And for just this week, I actually picked up 2 more shifts at other businesses. Next weekend I’ve got the twins’ first birthday, and then the weekend after that orientation. After that it’s Christmas. Then New Years’ with Mucca. And then classes start. Somewhere in that mess I need to find a new apartment and move. And there’s the business of transferring one of my dad’s cars into my name (and all that’s included with that)… I also want to do some sort of goodbye Chicago gathering before I go too.

It’s… a busy month to say the least.

But after this year and half of un/under-employment, it feels good. It’s nice to have something to do again. It’s nice to leave my small box of an apartment. And it’s a nice reminder of what it’s like to be busy as full time student + working is going to also take a lot of my time come next month. I enjoyed all the freedom, but sometimes I just feel better, and can get a lot more done, when I’m already in a productive mindset.