November Reads

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Novels + Short Stories

Shadowcry (Wintercraft #1) by Jenna Burtenshaw – ★3-3.5
I finally got my library card linked up to the digital loans selection; this was the first book I checked out. Might not have been my first choice, but well, there were limited options. The basis of this storyline is the space between the living and the dead (the veil) and how certain people (the Skilled) can interact with it. Kate’s country is at war, and those in charge want to use her ability to manipulate the veil to their benefit in said war (and probably beyond). It sort of moved a little slow for me, took me a little while to warm up to these characters. But overall I thought the concept interesting enough to check out the second book.

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman – ★4
I’d been eyeing this book for a while. Dragons who could change their shape to live among people? Definitely sounded interesting. And it was. Just before the 40th anniversary of the peace treaty between the humans and dragons, things start going wrong. There are secrets, there is tension, and a teeny tiny bit of romance too. Music plays a big part. Over all, the world Hartman created — and even the world within her character Seraphina — is detailed and fascinating. I’m glad I picked this one up, and am excited about the sequel coming out in March.

Sadly I did not keep up with any of my current comics this month. Apparently Ms. Marvel (my one subscription) didn’t print this month, and I just never made it to the comic book store. I did read couple new-to-me titles, though, which I wrote about yesterday.

And as we know, I’ve surpassed my reading goal this year, and have read 67 of 50-book target.