Holiday Gifts: Fandom Picks

It’s that time! Yep. It’s holiday time, so on with the lists of things I want, but more-than-likely won’t get either because I chose to spend the money elsewhere (and my family doesn’t tend to see/use any list I make, because, hello 30.)

Anyway, I didn’t mean to time this out with Fandom 5 — and yes, there are way more than 5 picks here, but it fits the theme. I just want to get these out before the holidays, and well, to stop myself from adding more to it.

2015 Holiday PIcks: Fandom

Going from left, top to bottom, onwards to the right

» Amiibos – I’ve yet to get any of these, which given all the fuss going on with their inventory levels and such… well, I think the only thing going for me is that so far I’m going after the more popular ones, so they’ll at least be likely to be in stock somewhere. Link, Zelda, and Peach are my top three picks so far, with Sheik, WFT, Villager, Little Mac, and Pit coming after that. (And yes, I know about Villager & WFT — I helped break some of that news.)

» Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – So I might be in the minority among my friends, but I actually want Captain Toad more than Super Smash Bros. This isn’t saying I’m meh about Smash. It just means I really want Captain Toad. I mean, it’s just. so. flipping. clue.

» Harry Potter book series – I have a few of the books, but maybe only like… 2. I’d just really like to own the complete set in physical copies so I can continue to read them over and over again. I’d also love to get all of the movies too, but I want the books first.

» My Little Cthulhu/Mythos Buddies figures – Yeah, yeah, yeah. I put these on my list every year. And yes, they’re pretty much discontinued. But I want it! Adorable little Old Ones.

» Frostbeard Studios candles – Some other bloggers tipped me off to these candles, and they’re just too nerdy and fun to pass up. I mean, they’ve got an “old books” scented candle. I want them all for their titles. But really go for any sort of woody scented candle.

» Batgirl purse from Lucy Liz – I love her purses. Classic, feminine shape covered in absolute nerdiness. I feel like this would make a great special occasion purse as well as an amazing thing for cons. Depending on how strong that chain is, could make an awesome every day purse too.

» Bruce & Golden Smaug Funko Pop Vinyl – I think my list of must-have Funko pop is crazy long, and I always have a hard time picking the ones I want the most. But these are two are definitely ones I’m interested in. I tend to talk myself out of getting these when I’m at cons and such, but I just really want these and need to pull the trigger.

» Tsum Tsums – I mean. Yes. I’m mildly addicted to this game. Mainly because it’s adorable. My list of wants for these is going to rival my Funko list. Although, not really the people tsums… those ones are still just weird to me.

» Lego Hobbit: Unexpected Journey – It’s Hobbiton. The Shire. And it’s Lego. I must have it. (And yes, I’ve put this on my list before, but dang if Lego prices aren’t what I remember!) And of course, I’d also need all the other dwarf figures to truly recreate this experience.

As I mentioned, there are definitely more fandom things I’d love. But I’ve got to stop somewhere. However, of course, I’ve got 2 more lists that I’ll share over the next couple of days.