Holiday Gifts: Miscellaneous Picks

And here it is. Three days of lists ending with this: the miscellaneous list. These are just the ones that I like simply because I like them. There’s not much of a theme, though you’ll see a fair bit of Chicago stuff, mainly because I will indeed miss this place so much.


» Field Museum pewter desk ornament – I mean, this is my dream, this is my goal. I really want to work at the Field one day. It holds a special place in my heart, and I’d love to have this tiny desk version of it to have and to keep for ever and ever.

» Chicago Flag Scarf – A fun reminder that if I can deal with Chicago in the winter, I can survive that season anywhere.

» World’s Columbian Fair map – Another Field Museum piece. The Columbian Fair is how the Field Museum got its start. Some of the original collection is still on display. And last year I got to go experience their Worlds Fair exhibit — and it was amazing. I love the history of the museum. (I saw this on Etsy, but of course, now I can’t find it and I didn’t save the link.)

» Vacuum – I’ve had so many of those wimpy little stick vacs. What with two cats, there’s just hair everywhere. I want something that can deal with all of that. Either with hardwood or carpet (since I don’t know what my next apartment will have).

» Apple TV – While there are many options for these media streaming machines, I’ve got movies from iTunes, and thus… unwilling to lose those movies, an Apple TV just make sense. Mainly I just really want to watch them on the big screen rather than just my iPad.

» CW by CorningwareErin recently partnered with Corningware to showcase these amazing dishes. And I just fell for them. I lack bakeware. I mean, seriously, I’ve got 1 8×8-inch metal pan, a pie tin, and a toaster oven-sized tiny baking sheet. Not having proper cooking dishes means that my meals are limited. And it’s frustrating.

» “Dino puns are pteroble” shirt – I mean… YES.

» Chicago flag holiday shirt – It’s just fun. I love Chicago. I love our flag. But of course I found this online at some random site… and didn’t save the link. Ugh.

» Owl necklace – I had an owl necklace just like this for a long time. It was really the only necklace I wore until very recently. And then one day it just disappeared. I’m extremely bummed that it’s gone. I got the original from Kohl’s, but that was a couple years ago, so… I think random etsy shops are going to be my best bet.

» Slippers – I have the worse luck with slippers. Or rather, my cats have a personal vendetta against my slippers. They have destroyed probably 3-4 pairs. Kaija just has this weird shoe thing, and she loves slippers the most.

» Bemz slipcover – Another thing my cats have destroyed. I love my slipcover. But my cats decided to rip up one of the arms. So… I’d like to get another one. These two designs from Bemz are just fun, and I think would fit well within my home.

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