Two Weeks

This last week has felt like a full month. So. Much. Has. Happened. If you follow me on other social media, you already know about some of this. But let’s take my list from last week and see how I’m doing…

» Attend orientation and advising – Done and done. Was pretty painless. Even made a friend. (Although, I’ve got to contest some credits that didn’t transfer over.) Also, my advisor was already talking to me about switching my major (to what he did in school).

» Register for classes – Done. Didn’t get everything exactly how I wanted it (aka the two main 100-level Anthropology classes I want and need are completely full and closed), but I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve got.

» Find an apartment  – DONE. And I’m pretty excited about my new place. I’ll definitely be sharing pictures once I get things settled.

» Apply for jobs – Still needs to happen. Going to start with on-campus jobs.

» Pack – Yes. Though I’m starting to realize I don’t know when that’s all going to happen between Christmas and work. I guess I really don’t need to sleep.

» Find my bed – Still searching for this. I’m still convinced it’s at my dad’s. The scavenger hunt will happen on Christmas.

» Move – I’m hoping to have this all figured out and planned by Christmas.

» Figure out a car – I’m keeping an eye for what’s on the market online…  Slipping it in to every conversation with my brother, since I’ve tasked him with helping on this mission. I’ll deal with this more after I move. Really I need to figure out the local bus schedule. (Also, I had to laugh at some of the leasing people talking about driving 2-3 minutes to the commuter lot just to catch a shuttle. No thanks, I’ll walk.)

» Buy my books – I signed up for Amazon Student, so I’ll get the 2-day shipping. I’m going to put this off for a week so I can shop around.

» Don’t panic. – Hasn’t happened yet. After this weekend, I think I’m too tired to go crazy.