One week. (aka let the chaos begin)

You knew this was coming. 1 week until classes start. ROUGHLY 28 HOURS UNTIL I LOAD UP ALL MY STUFF. Though, still a couple days until the cats and I officially move to Indiana (Thursday).

» Attend orientation and advising
» Register for classes
» Find an apartment

» Apply for jobs – Still needs to happen. Going to start with on-campus jobs.


» Find my bed – DONE. It was at my dad’s the whole time. Just like my mom and I both thought. I also found an awesome hanging chair for my porch that my dad is going to let me have.

» Move – Part 1 starts tomorrow. Still need people to help load the van up, but, it’s happening regardless. Hopefully I won’t have to hire people because I can’t afford that. We’re loading up as much as we can into my dad’s van and a trailer, then he’ll be back on Thursday for me, the cats, and last bit of stuff. Then it’s off to BSU-land where I actually do have help to unload everything into my new place.

» Figure out a car – This is being put in the “after I get settled” category.

» Buy my books – Loan refund dispersement isn’t happening until the 5th.. so… yeah. Not sure how this is going to work for the first day of classes.

» Don’t panic. – HA. I haven’t broken down and bawled yet, but there have been tears already.

MOVING IS SO FUN, GUYS. Thank all that is good that I’m locked into my lease for a year and half. I’m so done with all of this.