On arriving

Well, it wasn’t perfect, but we made it.

My dad hired movers to help load up all my stuff. Then I had a full day left in Chicago — which you’d think I’d save for cleaning and packing up the last of the stuff, but instead it was work and the Mucca NYE show.

I got home at 4am, slept for maybe an hour and half, then loaded up the car my dad loaned me (after I went to his place in Indiana to get it Tuesday), and we were off. I can definitely recommend that you get a lot more than an hour and half sleep before moving. Hell, before driving. After about 2 hours or so, it got a little hard. I resorted to singing loudly to the radio and talking to everything just to keep myself awake.

My family helped with the move in. My youngest sister came down with our dad and all my stuff. My mom met me here, since she had picked up my keys the day before. And then my brother brought G over as well to help. Dad and Tim got the big stuff, and the rest made its way in almost effortlessly.

It’s weird moving from a studio to a 2-bedroom. I’ve got a fair bit of “stuff,” but little furniture. And, well, my bookcase didn’t quite make it — and the legs snapped off a cabinet base that I wanted to mod into a coffee bar. But the glass top and mirror to my dresser survived, as did my favorite painting.

As predicted, the cats did not appreciate the move. But now that we’ve spent a couple nights here, they’re starting to like the new place. And I’m slowly discovering their hiding places. Mainly, they’re ok until someone comes over.

That’s something none of us are really used to. The studio apartment was really too small to have guests over. Here, I’m about 20-30 minutes from my brother’s place, and about the same to my paternal grandma’s. My mom, grandma, grandpa & gramE (mom’s stepmom), and aunt & uncle are all in town. Just yesterday, mom stopped by with leftovers for dinner, then we went to her mom’s to pick up some stuff she had for me. It felt surreal. I’m no longer just a visitor here.

I never really thought I’d be back here, and actually have this be home again. But despite that, it feels amazing to be embedded in my family again. I didn’t know how much I needed it until I got here.