For the love of Winter

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in a Fandom Friday. Mainly because I’ve just been so focused/distracted by the move and starting school. This week’s topic isn’t really fandom related, but it’s something I couldn’t really resist:

Favorite Things About Winter

First off, let me just say that I love winter. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite season — because it’s really hard for me to have one — but it does hold a special place in my heart. There’s also not necessarily 5 specific, tangible things that I love about winter.

For me, winter’s sort of about a sense of pride. I enjoy the bitter cold. I enjoy the snow. I enjoy that I can get through it all. Yeah, I’ll most definitely feel the cold. I won’t deny that. I won’t deny that it’s challenging and hard. But I still love it. That challenge and struggle gives it a sense of adventure.

Part of that pride is also just being prepared for winter. I’ve got omni-heat leggings and coat — it reflects my body heat back to me. I’ve got good boots. I’ve got a variety of hats, scarves, and gloves. And it’s probably the only time where I’m all about big, fluffy, fake fur. Give me a chance to dress like a snow beast, and I’m golden. It’s hilarious and amazing to me. See:

Winter 2014 Winter 2015 Winter 2015

Also, I will say, too cold for glasses is a real thing. And it’s not just a matter of them fogging up, at certain temperatures they just become too painfully cold to have on your face.

My roots are nordic — my great grandparents moved over from Finland. And then just all those years in Chicago. I don’t know, just something about toughing your way through it. Grit. Sisu. Winter makes me feel alive.

There are hearty foods. I love me some hearty, filling foods. There’s an emphasis on warmth, as well as cheer. Probably to make up for the lack of such in the weather. Winter’s about comfort and there’s an increased sense of stability. I don’t know what living in a warmer climate would do to me. I think it’s why places like Montana and Alaska really speak to me. There’s a real beauty in winter. (And let’s be honest, a real beauty that comes from winter — we all need that time of respite before bloom and growth.)

So give me the snow and frigid weather and all terrible fake fur you can. I love it all.*

*For reals though: I absolutely hate driving in winter, though. Some of that came from past incidents (yes, plural), but also, not having to really deal with that in Chicago has softened me up a lot. But I’ll walk, no problem, all winter long.