Rini and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

They say when life hands you lemons… squirt that juice right back in life’s eyes. Ok. No one says that. But still, sometimes you just have bad days. Yesterday was one of those.

Started off pretty typical: terrible pop culture talk radio waking me up hours before my alarm, leading me to grumble my way out of bed and quickly switch over to NPR. If I’m going to listen to people talking when I first wake up, it might as be worthwhile. Anyway. Morning as usual.

Then cramps. Thanks, endometriosis. So, you know, whatever. At this point I’m used to this. Load up on ibuprofen, wear the comfiest clothing possible, and bury yourself in blankets all day. I can “deal” with this.

Then 9, 9:30 hits… and the power goes out. Ok… I thought maybe a fuse blew, so I check that. Nope. Thought maybe there’s an outage or something. Nope. So I call my electric company. “Oh, you missed your deposit deadline.” Say what? Cue me sobbing and yelling — because thanks to my endometriosis I’m sort of an unstable emotional mess. I mean, it didn’t help that the customer service dude was very curt and was all “this is completely your own fault and you’re a terrible adult.” So cue more sobbing and binge eating cookies. I call back, and get a different service rep, who in a very understanding manor explained how they would take this up with a supervisor and call me back. So I cry some more out of stress, read some Harry Potter, and nap.

During all this time, I can hear my neighbors furnace kicking on, while I’m buried under a down comforter and my fattest cat. And I’m sort of thankful that I’m nauseous from the endo because without any power, I can’t cook anything. And, you know, intermediately crying a lot. Finally, I hear back, and I learn I’m getting penalized because I missed the aforementioned deadline, despite not knowing when that deadline was — I checked my mail pile, no letter from them; checked my notes from when I signed up, no mention of a due date (but a mentioned that I could split that amount in half for easy payments, again with no dates). Anyway. I made that payment, and then was informed that I would still not be getting any power until the next day. (Aka today.) Cue more crying.

I realize looking back on it that this is not the worst day I could have. But it’s not a good one.

After about 6 chapters of Harry Potter, and mostly dead cell phone, I drove over to my mom’s. Nothing like free food and Boy Meets World reruns to make you feel a little better. Oh, and heat and hot water and the ability to charge your cell phone or turn on a light.

Fingers crossed getting the power turned back on will go smoothly. And quickly.