Currently Loving, vol 1

AdorkableMe: Currently Loving

» This slow cooker BBQ recipe posted by Erin of the Speckled Palate
Holy frak is this good. I saw it pop up in my RSS feed and within moments was running off to my kitchen to try to recreate it. I made my BBQ sauce more mustard based, since that’s my personal preference in BBQ sauces, but oh man is it good. I was completely surprised that I could make my own sauce that tasted just as good as anything I could buy. One of those gold star kitchen moments. This will be a staple now, even made it with a pork loin over the weekend.

» Richard Armitage in BBC’s Robin Hood
When don’t I love Richard Armitage… I realize this show has been off the air for a few years, but I needed something new to marathon. Didn’t even realize it was him at first until I happened to pay attention to the opening credits. Interesting seeing him play a bad guy. Also interesting to see him all brooding and in leather…

» This interview by Mucca Pazza on WNYC’s soundcheck
I was so bummed when I realized I wasn’t going to be able to join Mucca on their east cost tour. In hindsight, it was probably good I didn’t go. What with the knee, and then loosing power, and I can’t really afford to miss that much school. I’m glad the band had a really good time, and from the sounds of it, a successful tour.

» More involvement of MKGL
I love my little gaming club. And recently I decided to conduct a little census, just to see what type of people are in the group (or at least active) and what they’d like to get out of the club. It’s awesome being with some likeminded individuals. It’s also awesome having a definite safe place to talk gaming (albeit, yes we have a bias, but it’s gaming talk). I have some fun ideas for future events, and I really hope they pan out.

» My classes
First of all, I’m happy that I dropped one of mine so I’m only taking 4 this term. But I’m really enjoying all of them. My Folklore & Folklife class isn’t quite what I expected it to be, but I’m still enjoying it just the same. I’m also taking Mythology, an introduction to the Classic World, and a general world history class. So, for the past month those classes have all been focusing on various aspects of ancient Greece and Rome.